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Does it return to be fashionable summer house?

Sabadell makes little bank announced that it has raised the price of some of its properties. It is not an isolated event. Promoters such as Taylor Wimpey or TM Real Estate Group have also increased the price of some of its promotions. They are located in coastal area, where much of the housing stock that is difficult to absorb. But what makes these homes have gone up in price is that they are on the beach, very well connected and have no competition. The main buyer is a foreigner


Yet official statistics and offered idealista.com shed falls in house prices but already beginning to see small increases (witness) in some areas of Spain, like Barcelona or Madrid city capital. What will make housing in the coming months is a mystery although some experts noted that venture to be a year of transition


Regardless of the statistical reality it is that some sales transactions reflect price increases. A few days ago Jaime Guardiola, CEO of Banco Sabadell, said the price rose 450 properties in 2013. In the middle of last year also they noted that increased the value of 12 promotions located mainly on the coast and basically in places where there oversubscribed.

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